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Site changes and books updates

Number one site change; I deleted the forum because there is nothing going on there. Plus, I got sick of people just signing up and spamming and not even interacting. I believe you join a forum to interact, not just join to join. I'm old fashioned that way. I was hoping the forum would bring together and start talking about my books and whatever else interests them. After a year of nothingness, I decided it was time to close it. Perhaps, if I get a larger audience who wants to participate, I will bring it back. But until then, it is gone for now. Unless there becomes a demand for it.

Okay, now, onto the books. I have Reckoning Day rewrite finished. I submitted to a publication house who is currently open to submissions. I'm waiting to hear on that. I am also rewriting Charlotte Rinning's story, Renegade Love. I put her in my fictional town of Starling, Michigan. The same town that Jen's story takes place. I LOVE having that because I can make up whatever I want within reason and as long it's realistic. Starling is also the town where Sam Peterson resides.

All print books are now available at my luludotcom author spotlight site. They include Rise of the Serns, Remwalkers, and Deep Ties. I haven't put Reckoning Day up yet, as I am waiting to see if I get picked up by the publishing house I submitted to on Monday. They say it takes about six weeks to hear anything. So, wish me luck!

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