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2Deep Ties Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Sam is enjoying a nice morning at home with David, until it's time for her to go to her monthly Mandatory Meeting at work.

2Deep Ties Chapter 1

Chapter 1 ©CA Michaels

Chapter 1

Starling, Michigan 10:00 AM October 8, 2021

Sam moaned as she rolled over on the bed with her boyfriend. He moaned as well. While they continued their sweet, passionate love making, they both heard an unexpected loud meow coming from somewhere in the bedroom.

“Just ignore him, he’ll go away,” David whispered.

“That’s either his, I’m hungry, I’m board or I’m humping momma’s blanket meow. Let me see what’s up.”

“No! I’m almost there.”

Sam nodded and let David finish. She moaned again as he slid off her and there was Burbank like she guessed, humping her fleece wolf blanket at the end of the bed.

“Seriously,” David chuckled.

“Yeah. Wow babe. That was totally awesome!”

“Yeah, it was amazing.” He checked over to Burbank. “Really dude, he’s such a weirdo,” he laughed.

“Yeah, that’s why he fits in good with us!” she stated.

She kissed him hard on the lips. Their heads moved back and forth. She grabbed his bottom lip and held onto it for a moment. When she let go, he smiled wide.

“That’s for you in case anyone of your crazy fans try to take you away from me,” she chuckled.

“Oh my God woman!”


He began to nibble on her large ears, and she grumbled at him. She knew that he knew better than to touch those.

“Really dude?” she exclaimed.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot how much you hate those gigantic ears of yours. Just like you hate liars, thieves, and onions. There’s more but I love how those ears make you who you are.”


She saw David chuckle. But she didn’t laugh. One thing Sam always hated about herself was her slightly larger than average ears. He noticed her sour face and decided to begin to run his fingers through her long brown curly hair. When he glanced into her hazel green eyes, he smiled to her.

“I’m sorry babe. I just love you,” he stated.

“I know.”

David grunted and shook his head at her. “I know? Really?”

“What’s wrong with that?” she laughed.

“Oh, I get it,” he laughed to.

She ran her fingers through his almost platinum blond, poker straight hair. And those light blue, glinty eyes. That stubble just above his lip and the scent of ocean blue. It was the smell of home to her. She rolled over once more to face him. He reached his arm around her, and she yelped at the unexpected pinch.

“Did you seriously pinch my ass?” she asked.

“You like it?”

“You’re gonna pay for that!” she snickered. While lying on her ride side, she narrowed her eyes to him. And with that famous shit-eating grin of hers, he gasped.

“Oh, I am, am I?” he chuckled.

She reached her arm out, but he grabbed it and held it for a moment at the wrist. She pulled her arm back he held onto. He grinned. As David continued to have his hold on her, she was done for.

“Okay, you win, this time,” she said as she gave in.

He let her go but with that still famous shit-eating grin, she grabbed his nipple and twisted, then scurried off the bed before he could say anything except a slight scream.

“I love you too,” she finally said.

He smiled wide. And never let her know how much that hurt. But she knew. It was one of their new playful things they loved to do.

Her eyes glanced up to the laundry basket on top of her dresser. Sam grabbed her clothes that were hanging off the rim of the white basket nearest to her reach.

“Dude, I never thought you had it in you,” he laughed.

She smiled wide. “Four years, and we still have our secrets.”

As she got dressed, she sat down on the edge of the bed. He wrapped his arms her while she attempted to put one of her white socks on. The left sock went on perfect. But she could only pull the right one up to her ankle because of that damn ankle monitor, which was waterproof. She’d been forced to wear this since February. The monitor was black and about two inches in width. It went around the entire bottom part of her leg. The monitor was the width of an apple I-watch. She put her blue jeans on next. But his hold was tight around her waist.

“Dude, I have to get ready,” she smiled as she nibbled his forearm closet to her while she bent down. His right forearm was so ticklish, she knew the exact spot to get him to squirm. He submitted to her wittiness.

“Okay, damn you!” he chuckled as he pulled his arms away.

She pulled her bra on, then her white tank top, after that, her black, silk, button down blouse.

“Goddamn, I love that look you! You gonna wear your brown boots too I love so much?” he asked.

“With this damn ankle monitor, don’t think so.”

“I hate the fact they did that you.”

“Yeah, well, it was either this or never coming home to you and Burby for a while.” She shuddered at the thought.

“They act like you committed murder. Why must they force that on you?”

“It’s classified.” She swallowed and turned to face him. “I didn’t commit murder, but they’re investigating the last op because of Chris dying on my watch.”

“I see. But you’re innocent, right? I mean, does Ben have to wear one of those too?”

“Nope. Just me.”

“What, that’s fucking bullshit!”

Startled that he actually swore, she understood. She had to tell him why it was only her without giving away any sensitive information.

“It was my op. I was the boss at the time. Ben was just supervising.”

“Oh, I see. Still, it’s bullshit!”

“I know.”

She rose off the bed, and he grabbed her waist one more time. He began to kiss her neck at the shoulder of her left side. Knowing exactly where to pounce to make her ticklish, his lips worked their way down to her elbow. Her elbow jerked forward, and she giggled.

“You’re the only woman I know whose elbows are ticklish,” he smiled.

She wiggled her way out of his grasp once more. She batted his hands as they were working their way to her elbows again.

“You’re the only guy I ever met with ticklish forearms,” she giggled.

He nodded and laughed. “I thought we’d stay in bed for a bit and then later, go out,” David suggested.

“Well, you know my evaluation is today.” She stopped for a moment and thought. Her older brother Reese always called on the days of her evaluation to wish her luck. But today, so far, nothing from him.

Burbank hopped off the bed at meowed at her. She knew that meow. Sam got dressed as David groaned once more.

“Well, if all goes well, I was thinking maybe going on an adventure, up north, you know, later when you get home. Perhaps see the fall colors.”

“I don’t know. I just don’t know.”

“Come on. All you’ve been doing is work and coming home. You haven’t even been to any of my games. I mean I get it. I really do.”

“Wasn’t what we just did totally amazballs?” she questioned.

“It was, but just having sex isn’t enough.”

Her eyes widened. What was going on here? Did she really suck? “What, do I suck in bed or something?” she asked.

“No, you, you are damn good in bed. But…”

“But what?”

“But people are starting to talk,” he finally said.

“Yeah, what are they saying?”

“That I’m making up having a girlfriend. I mean you wouldn’t even go to any of my benefit parties. I don’t know if I can keep this up Sam!” he snapped.

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying…” He looked down at the bed’s indigo silk sheets. Knowing that was her favorite color in the world, he tried damn hard to fight this. But she needed to know this was tearing him up inside. “You need to make a choice.”

“Um what? Please don’t do this. I love you; I really do. I’m sorry I haven’t been to any games. Or to the benefits. You said you get it. You get my house arrest, I guess we could call it. Until this investigation is over, I can’t be in involved in anything else. Percy made it clear to me. And to you. I’m sorry this is putting pressure on you. But this is why.”

“It’s hard for me Sam. I can’t tell people that. And they question me. They want to see you.”

“I know. All right, next time, we can do a zoom thingie.”

He laughed. She did too.

“Not the same. It’s been hard for me too. I mean, I really don’t even know what you do.”

“I’m a liaison for the NOSIA,” she explained.

“I know it’s been hard on you –”

“Don’t even!” she stated loudly.

David’s eyes widened. He knew by that voice, he needed to stop pushing her. Sam grumbled. She finished getting dressed and walked through the short hallway to the bathroom. After taking care of business, she checked herself in the mirror. Those purple puffs under her eyes surely made her appear five years older than she was.

In her thirty-three years of life, she’d never looked this bad, ever. Sam was a fitness nut. But she loved her occasional beer. However, the incident back in February of this year truly took a bad toll on her. It changed her. Everyone around her knew it. But she refused to believe it. She finished in the bathroom and David met her there.

“Fancy meeting you here,” he chuckled. “I’m sorry for what I said earlier.”

“It’s okay.”

“Sam, really, I’m sorry!”

“I know, it’s okay, really.”

“Come here you!”

He grabbed her close to him. They kissed once more. They both hugged while Burby meowed as he rubbed his head against their shins. She broke from him shortly after.

“He’s really hungry. Come on, whatcha want for breakfast?” she checked.

“Your famous grape, fruit smoothie!” David smiled. “I know red seedless grapes are your favorite fruit.”

“With milk or yogurt?”

“Plain yogurt. Yum!”

Sam smiled. She went to the kitchen. Burby followed her. She grabbed his food from the fridge from last night. He hopped up on the counter, walked around, kept head butting her forearm. She giggled. She heard the TV turn on. After feeding Burbank, she grabbed the red seedless grapes and plain Greek yogurt from the fridge. After many moments, the smoothie was finished.

Once she poured the drink into two glasses, she went out to the living room. After handing David a glass, she realized he was watching the NHL Network. His competition.

They were enjoying a relaxing morning. Sam didn’t have to go into the office until mid-afternoon today thankfully. She thought about calling off, but there was Percy’s voice in the back of her mind.

‘Friday is mandatory.’

“What’s wrong?” David checked noticing her sour face.

“Oh, just Percy in the back of my head reminding me. Friday is mandatory,” she projected her deep attempt of a male voice.

David busted out laughing. She did too.

“Sam, I know you love your job. I make enough for both of us I –”

“Please don’t!”

“I’m sorry.”

“I love my job. Plus, I’m committed. I can’t quit.”

He nodded to her that he knew her situation. But no one in her family, friends, or him truly knew the situation. If she quit, or went back on the contract she made, she’d wind up in a deep dark hole that Percy never liked to talk about.

“What, anyone can quit any job. Michigan is an at will state,” David reminded her.

“This is a delicate situation.”

Sam checked the time, her eyes widened once more. It was just ten after noon. The meeting was set for 1 P.M. sharp. She needed to get a move on. No way could she be late to this. But she thought more about what David said. And she thought about resigning.

However, she knew Percy would never accept that. No, he’d have the right to keep her chained to her desk. That’s what she’d been doing for nine months. Not that she didn’t mind the desk work. It kept her safe and everyone else. Every month she had to have this “mandatory meeting”. She knew it was more for them, not her.

“Sam?” David checked.

She snapped out of the funk and heard his wispy voice.

“I have to get going. I can’t be late!” Sam stated.

She finished her smoothie, hurled herself off the couch with her smoothie cup in hand. David shook his head at her.

“I’ll be home later, I promise. It’s not an all-day thing,” Sam explained.

“Oh, I see. Dinner later, at seven pm, say B&C’s bar and grill?”

“I don’t know. I’ll let you know what they say. If I can get this damn ankle bracelet off, then yes. If not, then no. Thank you for being understanding for the most part,” she smiled.

He nodded.

Sam tossed her cup in the kitchen sink. Burby followed her in there. He meowed at her. She knew he didn’t want her to leave. But she had to. He hopped up on the counter and head butted her forearm.

“I know buddy. I’ll see you later. I promise!”

She kissed him on his forehead and went to the door. As she walked down the four steps to the landing, she grabbed her purse. Being it was warm; she didn’t need a coat. When she pulled her cell phone from her pants pocket, Percy was calling her. Her heart thundered hard in her chest. Oh shit, did she miss it already? She questioned.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Sam, we’re waiting on you!”

“You told me the meeting was for mid-afternoon, it’s barely after noon.”

“Yeah, slight change of plans, she’s here, now.”

“Now? Damn it!”

“Get here asap!”

“On my way!”

Sam ended the call. Before putting her phone in her coat pocket, she received a text message. Looking at her smart phone, she clicked on the message.

And soon there will be total darkness. That total darkness will be your fault. How will it feel to know the world ended because of you?

Sam checked the number but of course it was blocked. She’d run it anyway once she got to the office.
Sam ran out the door to the circular driveway. Hopped in her truck. Then set her purse on the passenger seat and peeled out of the driveway after checking that it was clear. Her favorite band’s song, played from the thumb drive she stuck in the USB drive that was on the dashboard. The song was called, Reign Together, from her friend’s band, Sevennia. After Reign Together, her all-time favorite band played. Def Leppard. Her go to song was the Gods of War. She felt it fitting for her job.

Ten minutes later, she arrived at the NOSIA (National Omega Service Intelligence Agency) complex that was only three miles from her house. She checked in with Scott, the security guard at the guard shack. He let her pass. She drove around the circular parking lot and came up on the three main tall skyscrapers that housed the NOSIA.

The NOSIA was one of the main forces that knew of the ROLTH (Realms of Life Terra Hive) universe.
Sam climbed out of her truck, ran to the sidewalk, then ran up to the double doors, hurried around the moving entrance and met with Matt Blane at the front security desk. She stopped to take a breather for a moment. Matt smiled to her.

“Dang Sam, you seem like you just ran a marathon,” he chuckled.

She gave him her badge and he swiped it in the keycard holder that sat next to his computer keyboard.


“They’re waiting for you.”


“Go on up.”

Sam nodded and went to the elevators. She pressed them both, the one on her right dinged first. She went in and the door closed. When she pressed for the twentieth floor, she walked back to the corner.
“Gosh I just hate elevators.”

The elevator dinged after many moments. Sam finally caught her breath. She walked the long hallway. Many of her coworkers rose from their computer monitors and watched her walk past. This had become routine. And Sam hated it. She knew what they all thought. That she had no business here. Not after what happened in February. She stopped by her office first and logged onto her laptop. She plugged in her phone and began to run the trace of the unknown number. She let it do its thing and left. She made her way to Percy’s office, she knocked three times on the door.

“Come in Sam.”

She heard Percy’s voice. She entered. She saw Ben sitting at the half-sized conference table that sat in Percy’s office near the glass windows overlooking the complex fountain. She also saw Madelyn Price, head of the Overture Panel Board, who governed the NOSIA next to him on his right. There was also Senator McKee to Madelyn’s right. Across from Ben was a woman she did not recognize. Percy rose from his chair behind his desk to greet her. They shook hands and he introduced the woman Sam didn’t know.

“Sam, this is Peggy Smith. She’s your evaluator today,” Percy explained.

“Nice to meet you Sam,” Peggy smiled.

Sam nodded.

“Let’s get started,” Peggy stated.

Sam sat next to Ben and Percy took his seat at the head of the table.

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