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Renegade Love update

So, the new rewrite of Charlotte Rinning's story is coming along nicely. I've gotten some awesome feedback on the logline. And many are finding the new story interesting. That's an awesome sign. Makes me feel so good.

Here is the logline for Renegade Love: When a killer targets people close to her, a K9 Sergeant revisits her past cases to find the perpetrator. But when she unearths evidence of a miscarriage of justice, this may just threaten the peaceful new life she’s created.

On another note, I will be off Facebook until tomorrow at 11pm EST. I was just trying to be fun while making up a convo with one of my favorite Characters, Sam Holland and I got put in Facebook Jail for 24 hours. I was a fictitious story I was having with my hubby about someone NOT REAL. But they don't get that lol. Oh well, I know now for future reference not to do that.

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