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June is here and it's also release month!

Hey everyone, I've been super busy promoting my newest novel, Renegade Love. I've been polishing her off all week. It's release date, June 9th! $6.99 for Ebook and $11.00 for paperback! I'm so excited for this book. My two beta readers, Rose Helg and Brooke Rinner, both LOVED it. They LVOE how adorable Steven and Charlotte are. This makes me so happy! I'm hoping this book will explode for me. It's a romance suspense about a firefighter and a K9 Sergeant finding love and both from two very different worlds!

I'm going to be hosting a live at my author page on June 9th to celebrate the release of my 6th book, Renegade Love that has been making noise all across social media! I will be giving away 4 free signed paperbacks, that I will be ordering this weekend and will more than likely come in next week. I will sign them. Plus, I will be giving away 4 Ebooks, 4 signed bookmarks and 4 signed 19x13 posters of the cover. I'm also thinking about tossing in a couple of chakra bracelets that Char wears. She wears 2 different ones. One a lava rock, another a white howlite with chakras. Plus, maybe a totally different one too. So, if you want to win, just join me at my author page on June 9th! My author page is Author C. A. Michaels.

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