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Happy July and Happy Renegade Fury Release Day

So, I released the prequel to my runaway hit, Renegade Love, June 30, 2022. It's called Renegade Fury. It's available in both Ebook and Paperback at Amazon. You can buy now for just $1.99 on the Ebook and paperback is only $4.50! I will be distributing to more outlets this weekend! I'm SOOOOO Excited for this series. So far readers who have read it, LOVE IT! I've had people from around the world want to read this story! It makes me feel all gootchy gotchy inside! This is why we write!

So far, my readers are saying; Steven and Charlotte are so adorable. They also say they are inspirational, and they LOVE them. They are so darn cute, you just can't stand them, in a good way.

I'm soooooo glad I decided to rewrite this story back in February. And even though it was turned down by two publishers, I decided, what the heck, I'll do it all myself. And the hard work is slowly paying off. It makes me feel great!

Also, don't forget, you have a chance to help with their wedding. That link will take you to the blog post about the wedding! Char picked the date of July 27th! I will be working on the next novella called Renegade Justice. These two shorts will be before Renegade Love. But they can all be read in any order as they all are stand alones. But the story continues through each book.

So, their favorite things, Char loves carnations. Her favorite colors are indigo, yellow, and white. Steven loves roses. His favorites colors are red, black, and white. To check out more of their favorite things, go here!

Let's make the most epic wedding in the history of romance epic weddings!

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