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Back up and running again!

I finally got my laptop back up and running on Tuesday this week. Been getting ti back to it was with all my programs and files, I lost a lot of files and folders because as I was backing up, that was when it decided to die. The hard drive did. But that's okay. I saved the important stuff.

Now onto the other exciting news. I've developed a new card game called the Nutty Squirrel. A page for it will come soon. It's a cool new card game where you collect nuts and try to beat everyone at the table for the win.

Also, re-thinking Realms of Life after more play testing. It's too easy right now. But I do have a new idea for it. That will be coming in the next few days. The ROLTH TCG is perfect. The ROLTH RPG is perfect as well. Meaning, they are all set to go and ready to be purchased.

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