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A new podcast and other news!!

I'll be on the TCorner podcast with Terrance the Spoken King once again on August 12, 2022! I will be talking about my Renegade series this time. And who knows what else. We just have such a great time together. It's so much fun! The Renegade series will have two more books coming. I'm just not sure when.

Plus, I'm finally back in Samantha Peterson mode! Been doing some editing on Deep Venture, book II in the Deep Series. I'm onto Chapter 9. And WOW, what a story. I totally forgot a lot of what has been going down in that book. The Deep Series will be all linked together in one massive continuing story about Sam and her life. There are four other books planned in this series. I wanted to get Deep Venture finished for Sam. She had been waiting since mid-February lol.

On another personal note, I got a job at Wendy's. I needed to do something to bring in extra money for hubby, Skunky Luke, and I. So, I start there on Monday.

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