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Realms of Life Board Game

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Still reworking the board game. After 2 months of play testing, decided to go with scenarios for game play. Seems to be the in thing these days and they are a ton of fun. Reworked the character cards. There are now 18 scenarios. But the unique feature is, there's a flip the script scenario and you get to travel to any realm and make up any scenario you want for the team. The board has changed some. I got rid of the vortexes, the nebulas, and star clusters. Just kept the shadows, spirits, and fire blasts. You also gain life now on the board as well. Characters get to level up now when they go back to Cyntralus. I got rid of the draw cards as well.

The battles of the realms are was simpler now. You roll a 1 12 sided die to determine battle damage. I'm still contemplating what the characters get when they level up. I'm thinking new abilities and possibly new weapons. Cause there will be scenarios as I create them in time.

I also took down Sam's short story. Nobody was reading chapter 5. I'm thinking about redoing it all, except the Prologue. Everyone seems to love that Prologue! So, we shall as I keep talking to Reese about it. He knows Sam's story better than anybody.

I'm also thinking about relaunching Realms of Life on Kickstarter or indiegogo. So, that it all for now, and that is what I've been up to. Never thought it would take 5.5 months to work this game out. But I have a ton of fun creating it. And hope you all have a ton of fun playing it! TTFN!

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