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Want to be a VIP reader? You can, for free! You will get a copy of the manuscript once I finish it. You can read and if you spot any errors in grammar or plot holes or anything else, just shoot me an email with what you find. You can also pick whatever book you want to read. You will be credited in the acknowledgements. Being a VIP Reader also grants you exclusive book blurbs and chapters that won't appear anywhere else!

Reading with Coffee

VIP Reader


Once you join this list, you'll be able to read the stories before they are released. This will be in raw form. And you will have two weeks to give back by the date given to you. If you do not ever read and give feedback, you will be dropped from the program. This EXCLUSVIE is only for VIP Readers and those who want to read and give good constructive criticism for the author!


Just email C.A. Michaels at

Make sure to tell her which book you want to read before release day.



Current read: DEEP SERIES: DEEP TIES BOOK 2 To view the first three chapters!

If you wish to read this book, I will need the feedback 5 days before October 15, 2022.

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