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WELCOME TO DR's latest game for ages 7 and up!

For ages +7 and up! 1-6 Players!

Coming soon to Kickstarter!

What you get is a deck of 54 round cards with a box, (this includes 6 different squirrels, be sure to leave 2 of Toby and 2 of Ariel in the deck) 1 20 sided die, and a list of rules!

Each player gets 1 squirrel out of the deck and 30 life points. Then draws a card from the draw pile. The object of the game is to get the most nuts before anyone else. To keep track of the nuts, just use scratch paper.

When you draw a card, write down the number of nuts it says you gain or lose. Then put the card in another card pile next to the draw card pile. You must get to a total of 50 points before anyone else. If you do, you win. Or if you are the last Squirrel standing, you win. 

When you draw a Squirrel card, it's time to battle. Roll the D20 and whoever rolls the highest, hits the other player for that many Squirrel Life Points. Squirrels start at 30 Life Points. This only occurs for one round each time this card is drawn.

Steal 1 nut or acorn card: If no one has any nuts to steal, hold these in your hand. If you steal or gain any nuts, you only gain the amount posted on the card.

Roll D20 card: Roll the d20 that comes with game to make things interesting. How this works is, anyone can force any player to roll the d20 when they draw this card only. If they get a 2-11 player loses that many nuts. if a 12-19 is rolled, gain that many nuts. If a 1 or 20 is rolled, nothing happens.

If there is a tie, player can use house rules to settle the game. Roll dice, rock, paper, scissors, or whatever else you can think of.


You can order one today. It will be shipped right to your door from for $38.00!

Or you can purchase right through me, and everything will be handmade and cut. The box will be made from premium matt paper, and all printed by me. The cards will be premium card stock. It will take me about 1-2 business days to make and cut, it will include free shipping and be $20.00 US Dollars.


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