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Chapter 1

Bret Williams is in the fight of his life.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1
The weather had finally broken. Summer on Terrahawk island was amazing. But this day was not amazing. For this day was the day I’d have to see her. I’d rather be on the boat bringing guests to our beautiful island. But no, Cherice decided she had enough. As I struggled with the damn tie, my son, Conner entered my room. He sure was a spitting image of me. And I was thankful that he stuck by my side through all this hell.
“Hey dad!” He smiled.
“Hey, this damn tie is just!”
“We’re almost late.”
“I know. She had to choose today. The first day of spring. She knows my side job is bringing guests here to the island.”
“Look, buddy, I want to thank you for staying by my side.”
“Of course.”
“When you broke the news to me about your mom being abusive, I just, I couldn’t believe it.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Never apologize for what she did!”
“Will this tear the island apart, Dad?”
I sighed. Poor Conner. What did I say to that? Cherice just snapped. I don’t know what made her snap. On our island, I kept this a secret. And as I know everyone on the island, I didn’t hear her brag like she normally liked too about anything and everything.
“You’d think with spring finally here and summer right around the corner, she’d just accept what she did. She’s dragging this out.”
“I know. I never thought she’d react this way,” Conner said.
“Right. Conner, I know you’re seventeen. And I know how smart you are. I want you to know, she’s going to do anything and everything to try to get you to side with her.”
“Dad, you own this island. Everything here is yours. It had been passed down from five generations. She can’t take it all, can she?” he asked.
“I, I don’t know. I never thought of that.”
“Is the island in your name only?”
“Then we’re good. That was all I needed to know. She’s got nothing. And she can take nothing.”
“She can take you.”
He nodded. I felt a tear but blinked my eyes to keep them down. Today was the day of the final hearing for the divorce. She filed for separation two months ago. She thought she could get me for everything. All this doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters to me is Conner. Even though he’s seventeen, I still want him with me. We were ready. We walked out of the home my dad owned and built. It was a mini mansion. I truly loved it here. Never would want to be or go anywhere else.
We walked out of the hall, my dad sat at his famous rocking chair that was multicolored with red, blue, black stripes. The chair was old. He’d use duct tape to fix it. We aren’t poor by any means with having the island, but my dad loved this chair.
“You guys off? You both look great!” he said.
“Thanks, Dad. I got Gary covering for me today.”
“Hey, no matter what happens today, I love you both. You got this!”
“Thanks, Grandpa!” Conner said.

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at the courthouse on the island. We went through security and arrived on time with two minutes to spare. We entered, I took my seat up front as Conner sat behind and as I checked to my right, there she was. She sat there in the court with that famous smug look on her face. I hated it. Why she had to drag me into this, I’ll never know. We were so happy. Or so I thought.
“Mr. Bret Williams?”
The judge’s deep voice brought me out of my thoughts.
“Yes, your honor?” I answer.
“I see you have no representation.”
“That is correct, Your Honor.”
I glance over to Cherice. Ugh. What a… I dare not even finish that sentence in my head. But I see her mouthing some words to her fancy priced lawyer. She laughed after whatever she said. Like she always did. I read her lips. Her laughter made it a point that what she said was untrue.
‘He’s too cheap to get himself a lawyer,’ was what she said.
I shook my head and smiled back at Jude. Judge Malloy and I have been friends for over twenty years. Cherice knew this, however, my choice to represent myself was simple. Not because I was cheap. I was far from cheap, and she knew it.
“I see,” Henry continued. “Do you have any evidence you wish to enter?”
“Yes, Your Honor.”
“What is it you have?”
“May I approach?”
“You may. I also have allowed her lawyer to look over what I have, Your Honor.”
“Very well.”
I showed him the ten photographs of the abuse Connor, and I took of her and another man. Or should I say men. This was an open and shut case. Why Henry was making it longer that it should boggled my mind. But she deserved the right to a fair trial.
“Let the record show that Bret has submitted ten photographs of Mrs. Williams with different men at different. Some in many graphic positions,” Henry said.
“Your Honor, I also have photos and documents of her in exotic places. Charging all the expenses to me, without my permissions,” I said.
“I see. Anything else, Mr. Williams?”
“That is all, Your Honor.”
“And the custody for Connor?” Henry asked.
“I would like full custody, Your Honor,” I said.
She screamed and rose from her seat in such fury, I knew that would get under her skin. I saw the daggers in her eyes for me. But that didn’t matter. Conner and I needed to get away from her. If the devil existed, Cherice was it.
“With the light of the new evidence in this case, I grant full custody to Mr. Williams. And I herby sentence Mrs. Williams to ten years in prison!” Henry pounded his gravel. “This court is adjourned. Bailiff, take Mrs. Williams into custody, please.”
“This is bullshit! This is a farse!” Cherice turned to her lawyer. “You’re fucking fired. You’re a fucking disgrace!” She glanced over at me. “This isn’t over by a long shot, you asshole! I will get my son back. He’s mine. You’re gonna ru the day you did this!” she said.
“Bailiff, add contempt of court on five counts,” henry said.
The Bailiff nodded.
I didn’t smile. I blew out a sigh of relief.

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