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This team was put together by Mathew Rutkowski after Dawn Hudson and her husband, Jacob Malone discovered the Starling Black triads where about to penetrate the outer realms. Before they could even get out there, the team lead by Dawn Hudson and her sister Jackie Blaze, stopped them. Mathew was head of the agency called, AURA. Aura is an agency that stands for Analytical Unit Reserve Strategy. 

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Mathew Rutkowski is Charlotte Rinning's oldest brother and now head of team Aura. he is married and has two boys. He loves his job a bit more than when he worked as the Lieutenant of Starling PD's homicide unit for twenty years. He is featured in every Renegade series book!

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Charlotte is Lieutenant of the Starling PD K9 Unit. She joined Aura after helping Mathew find Dawn and Austin during Black Dawn. Once she saw what the Triads did, she wanted to join to help her best friend, Dawn, take them down. She is married to Steven Rinning and a fur mom to her K9 dog rescue dog, Neo and Steven's pitbull, Bosco. Her story has already grown to four books in her Renegade series!

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Dawn Hudson was Lieutenant of the Starling PD Burglary, Crime, & Property Scene unit. She joined Aura after Mathew got the greenlight to create the team and processed all her evidence she gained against the Triads. She is a widow as she learned her husband was murdered during the four years, she spent finding answers and finding him. She is a mother to thirteen-year-old Austin. She is best friends with Charlotte. Her housekeeper/babysitter, Trudy Michaels, is also another best friend. Dawn's series is called the Awakening series and book 1 Black Dawn is out right now!

THE ELYSIAN GODS: Seth, Karri, and Zach still are part of the team. 

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Jennifer Long of the SPA (Supernatural, Paranormal, Agency) was recruited after her stories, Reckoning Day and The Demon's Pact. She fits in with the team because she's a medium. Her stories are Reckoning Day (separate from the Reckoning Battle) and The Demon's Pact.

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Kara Manni is from the realm of Dradon. She was called upon to take the place of Charlotte Rinning. Char was needed on Earth to help form the new Agency called, Terra Nova. This agency helps monitor all things in the ROLTH Universe and is stationed on Earth in Starling, Michigan.


Sarah Maraj was recruited after her training with the Remwalkers was finished. The Remwalkers are close friends with Aurora and offered their services as well. They prepared Sarah for this important task. Even though Sarah failed to deliver the shard to the High Vicar, Mathew knew she still had something to prove. Sarah still being the shy young woman she is, she kept to herself still when she met the team. But there was one woman who truly helped Sarah break out, and that was Jen. The two became best friends and still are.

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Samantha Peterson was sent to Earth to find out who broke into the lab on her home realm of Zentara. She worked for the NOSIA. When she finally finds out who set her up and put a hit on her, Mathew came calling to her. It took Sam a bit to finally say yes. After all, her life was turned upside down. She lost her boyfriend in a real bad breakup. Her brother Reese, however, was still behind her. Her best friend, Lucy Minton was also. In fact, Aurora decided to have Reese join the team. Being he is best friends with Kara and can channel magic with her help, he is truly a unique asset to have.

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Deaden Lane and Sarin Morkov heard about the new team being formed. They decided to pay a visit to Earth and offer their services. They also brought along the other Wayfarers with them. Deaden decided to stay on board to train many of the new comers. Sarin decided to leave team Aura in search of new challenges for himself. During this time, he found a new home on the realm of Dradon and is helping the people of Armenden put back the pieces of their land that was destroyed by a raging dragon.

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Max Hamilton was going to be the star of the team but when Aurora wanted him, he was held captive by people of his world. She fought hard to get him released. However, no matter how hard she fought, the people who held Max, wouldn't budge. She went to Seth once again and he was able to get Max released for her. She didn't tell Seth about the new team she was putting back together. When Seth found out a year later after her training Max, he was furious. But the members she had went to bat for her and Seth finally agreed she could continue. After all, he was the ruler of the universe. And he had more power now more than ever. This time, there was no disapproval of the team.

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