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Sam is confident, defiant, but somewhat shy until she gets to know you and feels comfortable. She is also one of ROLTH's best hackers, which is her specialty. But she is also a great marksman. She is the Axe Champion of Michigan, her second home on Earth.

Growing up on the orange-red realm of Zentara, Sam always loved computers. Zentara is made of up old ancient cities and some modern ones. She learned of computers from her father. When they settled on the realm over thirty years ago, Sam was just born then. 

She joined Reese on Earth when she learned he had developed his spark by hearing the prayer channel. This was in Earth Year 2003. She since loved Earth and got a job with the NOSIA. They discovered her hacking into their servers to learn if Earth had yet realized they were not alone.


Even though she's not truly a spy, she still loves using all the equipment spies use. The NOSIA has many different technologies and equipment they use and develop for their employees.


Since joining the NOSIA, Sam has used her talents in ways she never could have imagined staying on Zentara.  She took an oath to protect and defend not only the Earth realm, but all of ROLTH! Now with team Aura at her side, she travels the realms of the ROLTH Universe fighting injustice, battling monstrous threats and fighting for all.

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Marksmanship, Hand to Hand combat, Weapons expert, Stealth,

High survival skills, High nature skills, High negotiating skills.

Alias: Sam, Sonya Harrington when she's undercover.

Occupation: Liaison for the NOSIA and Team Aura.

First appearance: DEEP TIES Episode 1, Realms of life board game, ROLTH TCG.

Base of Operations: Earth

Team Affiliations: Aura

Height: 5’ 0” 
Weight: 125 pounds
Eyes: hazel green
Hair: light brown, curly
Gender: female

Place of Origin: Zentara


36 Samantha Peterson card 300dpi
35 Reese Peterson card 300dpi
97 Axe card 300dpi
63 Spy Attack card 300dpi
64 Spy Cam card 300dpi
43 Zentara Realm card 300dpi
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