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As the dust settles from nasty untold truths, Charlotte, and Steven attempt to put the pieces of their strained love back together.

After learning that her dad, who is a paraplegic, is walking again due to a new “miracle” drug, Charlotte starts to research the makers of this product. She finds that there are many reviews linked to murder under an independent blog. She brings this to the Starling PD Brass. However, they quickly deny her from any further investigation due to lack of proof. But she never gives up and believes her dad may be in danger. Now it’s a race against time to prove this company is a serious threat as it continues its testing on humans with its new “miracle” drug. With danger hitting so close to home, she must prove the drug is harming people and try to stay alive long enough to salvage her marriage and save her dad.

Renegade Storm 5X8 paperback

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