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Starling BCPSU Lieutenant Dawn Hudson and her fiancé, Luke Harrington are about to face something they’ve never faced before.
Lives are in danger! He’s come for revenge! Starling has never faced an evil quite like this and he’s come for his girl, Beth Wiles! Will Dawn and Luke’s relationship stay strong enough to get married?

The third book in the Awakening Series picks up where Red Dawn left off, with Dawn moving on from a horrid past moment in life but others see she has struggled with this, so has her fiancé, Luke. It’s been causing a major rift between them. As always, Dawn sticks her nose in work to hopefully push through it. However, with this new menace terrorizing not only the city but her family, will she be able to repair the damage? Or will this prove fatal for them all?

Fatal Dawn 5X8 paperback

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