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NOSIA (National Omega Service Intelligence Agency) Agent, Sam Peterson, is on the verge of finally solving a fifteen-year-old case that’s gone cold. On the eve of a special night for her and her boyfriend, EFHL (Eighth Force Hockey League) Superstar, David Wellington, they arrive home after dinner, and find her home has been vandalized. They discover a new deadly, supernatural substance that comes with a message. ‘I know who you are. I’m coming for you’, directed solely at her. This also leads her to a discovery of a new evil breed of supernatural beings called; Demon-Vamps. Being the best Demon-Vampire hunter there is, Sam now realizes time is short, not just for her, but for the entire universe.

Deep Ties 5X8 paperback

$8.19 Regular Price
$4.10Sale Price

Spring/Summer Sale

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