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Wow September flew by! New EXCITING NEWS!

First off, prayers and thought to all affected by Hurricane Ian!

Onto the news! My first ever book signings will be October 29 and 30th at the Warren, Michigan Kroger store from 4pm est to 7pm est! I'm so excited. I spent all day designing cool graphic for my table. I'll be printing them out tomorrow and will set up the table. I'll take pics and post on the site for you all. Being I'm doing the signings around Halloween; I'm going with a Halloween theme table. Even though the first book I'm doing is Renegade Fury. But it will be cool! I can't belive it's finally happening! I hope to sell all 50 to 100 books I'll have on hand. The price will be $11.00. It's marked up cause I'll be doing the signings by myself, with help from hubby of course. And hey, I'd like to make a little for myself hehe. If you are local to the metro Detroit area, please come see and get a signed paperback of this new awesome cover! I may do both covers and have some of the old Fury copies with some errors in them. I also went through Fury and Justice with a fine tooth comb the last 2 days and edited them once again.

Tomorrow, I'll be putting them up at and at Barnes & Noble, ebook. I'm still trying to see if I can get them print books at Barnes & Noble. their uploader keeps giving me errors. So, we will see. But the eBooks will be at the other 2 locations. I may do a print run at lulu too. But they don't do 5X8s. So, I'd have to resize all 9 books, ugh lol

So, here are the graphics I made so far for my table.

Also, you can now preorder the eBook for Book 2 in the Renegade series, Renegade Storm. Out 11.29.2022! The preorder is at Amazon only right now. Until tomorrow!

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