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The wedding for Steven and Charlotte Rinning page!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

I finally got around to designing some graphics for the wedding. We have the song picked. Only You Can Love Me this Way by Keith Urban. The colors are Navy blue, Silver, and Gold. The theme is a police officer and a firefighter. So, all those colors and the usual stuff that goes with them. Here is what I have now. There are also navy blue and gold balloons that will be up high above near the ceiling of the reception area. And a surprise band, her middle brother, Chris got for her as wedding gift hehe to find out, you'll have to buy and read the book!

Invitation ©C.A. Michaels

Envelope ©C.A. Michaels

Charlotte's bouquet

©C.A. Michaels; Cherokee Wooden Dowel featuring replicas of Charlotte's feathers earned.

©C.A. Michaels

©C.A. Michaels

Charlotte's Garter

Card box and guestbook with pen

Center pieces, also a wedding favor

Wedding favors for Steven. He LOVES Lemonade hehe he picked to share them both, meaning, his favorite drink and her job as a cop.

The Bridesmaids dresses.

Steven's Tuxedo.

Charlotte's Dress

Thank you envelopes

Groomsmen tuxedoes

This was so much fun. All the images but the wooden dowel is copyright their owner's. I do not claim these unless marked by my copyright.

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3 comentarios

12 jul 2022

Gold and silver Balloons with navy blue streamer navy blue china-ware with gold napkin silver napkin rings gold and silver streamers navy blue table covers and flower arrangements that are white roses some laced with silver some laced with gold and blue carnations

Me gusta
12 jul 2022
Contestando a

Someone else suggested balloons too as party favors, like plastic balloons. hmm thank you for replying!

Me gusta
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