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Renegade Justice wedding update

After 3 weeks of trying to get people involved, I finally got some participation from one of my Facebook groups. A group owner picked everything, but I chose two of his ideas. The colors are gold, navy blue, and silver. And the song is Only You Can Love Me This Way by Keith Urban. I have until July 24th to get the book done and uploaded to Amazon. Thankfully, it's only a short novella. I can do this. We can create an epic wedding together. I will be doing the invitations. But everything else like party favors, dresses, tuxes; do the tuxes have bowties or a button? etc. And there will be a very special surprise for Char after their wedding song is played. You will be thanked in the book for your ideas and if you want to design anything for the wedding, it will be posted on the blog on the website. Let's have some fun! Oh, I also picked their rings. Both going with plain gold bands, for now.

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