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Already March!

This year is flying by already. Happy March everyone. We currently have a winter storm warning for tonight into tomorrow now ugh. March is coming in like a Lion. It's also literacy month! Tell your friends about my books!

New updates!

Working on Red Dawn book 2, the second book to Black Dawn. What a rollercoaster ride so far. This is my favorite series so far. Writing Dawn and her family is so much fun! I canceled the Kickstarter as it went nowhere. Hence why you can get all the rewards now on Dawn's book page. I will also be adding the original rewards, like the mug, the posters, etc. The hardcover featuring the short story, Girls Night Out can be ordered right now direct through me, hand-signed with a personal message! These are limited to just 1,000 copies. If you want the hardcover from the retailer, those are unlimited.

I'm working on creating the photo print book this weekend. It's turning awesome. This the first time I've ever made one of these in my life lol. The book will be full color with all the images and character images made for the series so far. The book is also 8.5X8.5 in size and will be printed through luludotcom. The price will probably be around 20 bucks US. Link will be coming soon to the website.

Have a safe and happy March all!

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