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Natasha Knight was born to Cecilia and Howard Knight. Both are still alive and active in government positions. This led Natasha to learn all she could about being a great marksman. Her older brother Luke, is also a great marksman. When Natasha surpassed him and won the title, he was proud as were her parents were proud.

Nat went into the private sector. She believed it would be less stress full. There she met her best friend, Jean Price and boss, also good friend, Mitch Paleski. She is a high level security officer, along with Jean. They both work for the firm known as Arc 7!

Luke however, went into sports and plays in the newly formed league, the Eighth Force Hockey league, that was created by David Wellington.

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Marksmanship, Hand to Hand combat

Alias: Nat, Tash

Occupation: Private security at the firm of Arc 7

First appearance: Team Aura

Base of Operations: Earth

Team Affiliations: Aura

Height: 5’ 6” 
Weight: 130 pounds
Eyes: hazel green
Hair: red
Gender: female

Place of Origin: Michigan, USA, Earth
First appearance: Team Aura

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Luke Knight

Cecilia Knight

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Mitch Paleski

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Jean Price