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Jen is a confident woman who has been learning her newly developed skills. Born on Earth in the EY (Earth Year) 1971, Jen only knew her mother, Rene McKenzie, and her Grandmother Rose, who is her mother's mom. Her father died just before she was born.

Growing up mostly alone, due to her mother always being away on business, Jen grew close to her Grandmother, Rose. She's learned to embrace her independence as her grandmother taught her. When she was in an abusive relationship with Eric Lenshoff, Jen made her daring escape two years later. She was reunited with her mother, her best friends, Zander Cole and Karen Logan. Her mother welcomed her and Jen has spent the next few years in recovery, while seeing her therapist, June Huntington. She meets Brian Long in the summer of 2002. The two were married soon after and Jen now finally understands true love.


Her new specialty of being a medium (ability to talk to and see ghosts), has been trying for her. But since learning this, she also gained supernatural, paranormal, and Aether blast abilities. She gained her abilities once her mother was murdered on her birthday.


Her best friend, FBI Special Agent Zander Cole is an explosions expert, a Karate Black Belt, and a weapons expert. Her other best friend, Karen Logan is a great marksman, Karen can channel the energy of the Earth, and has Animal connection.

In the photos below, Jen's hair has changed over the years of trying many different styles. Finding the right one was difficult for her. You can see the transformation below in all the photos posted now and more will be coming soon! The first photo is how she has her hair now in 2020! There might be a poll to decide which hair style Jen should go with hehe



Channeling, Pyrokinesis, Telekineses, Medium skills, Retrocognition, Marksmanship, Hand to Hand combat

Alias: Jen, Natasha Longmere

Occupation: Investigative Reporter

First appearance: Reckoning Day

Base of Operations: Earth

Team Affiliations: Aura, SPA

Height: 5’ 0” 
Weight: 135 pounds
Eyes: hazel green
Hair: light brown
Gender: female

Place of Origin: Starling, Michigan, USA Earth Realm
First Appearance: Reckoning Day





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