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Becoming a writer, I never knew how many ups and downs it would be since 2010. But I've learned to adapt and that meant going outside of my comfort zone. I started reading strict fantasy, The Medusa Plague was my first book. I was into Dungeons and Dragons back then, so it was appropriate lol. Since then, writing myself, and learning the craft, meeting cool people along the way and learning so much stuff, I decided to finally have my own little book club for Authors and Writers and Readers. Here is a list of my favorite titles!

First and foremost, the number 1 favorite is: The Defenders of Magic series from Dungeons and Dragons.

Brandson Sanderson: Mistborn Trilogy

Brent Weeks: The Lightbringer Series

The Edgars Family series: Suzanne Ferrell

The Lucy Guardino Series: CJ Lyons

Sam Jameson series: Lars Emmerich

And now the Fatal Series by Marie Force

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