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Welcome to the official book shop of Digital Reverence! Purchasing through the book shop will take up to two weeks. I will purchase all books through my print on demand partner, They ship one-three days after printing. Then, it will come to my house, I will include a free bookmark for each book and sign each book for you. When ordering, state who you want the book signed to. NOTE: I am a self-published author and I have to pay shipping costs for signed books from the service I print with, then ship them from my house to yours, so this feature and the bookmark will only be available on Domestic orders through the United States. Until I can find a faster, easier way to do this, this will be the norm to order my books through here. Or you can order through my Amazon Author page, but that will just come with an unsigned book. 

Red Dawn paperback.png

While on medical leave – Lieutenant Dawn Hudson is trying to move on from the most horrid attack she’d ever been involved in on the job. As she gets back into her writing, her fans are ecstatic, but it’s not helping to drive those wicked memories away. Tension is rising within her family and her new relationship she’s developed with, Luke Harrington, due to her dramatic change. When she gets a call from fellow officer, Mathew Rutkowski, it drives her back into the job she still loves but becomes conflicted. Her family and Luke are unsure if she should be returning so soon. But she has two goals: prove to everyone she still has what it takes and to get back to normal, whatever that may be for her now.
Black Dawn cover new.png
Dawn Hudson, Starling PD Lieutenant of the Burglary, Crime, & Property Scene Unit, is a single mom who needs just one lead to find her missing love. Jacob Anthony Malone, her husband, vanished without a trace, four years ago. This left her and her son, Austin, heartbroken, confused, and lost. To make matters worse, those close to them call Jacob a deserter, a traitor. Assigned to a new case, she discovers a foe so big, she only scratches the surface. She may have the lead, but it might cost her something more precious to her than her husband's reuptation.

Renegade Fury 3d mock blue.png

Her past has come back to haunt her

He’s a psycho killer recruiting for his militia

When her secret time in Ireland is revealed, Starling K9 Officer Charlotte Rutkowski, learns a man from that past is hunting her. The man hunting her is the worlds’ most wanted man, Markus O’Neil. And when he finally finds her due to a video of her meet with the sexiest firefighter ever, goes viral, he begins making plans to lure her back. Char realizes Markus is kidnapping young men and killing them if they don’t comply with his wishes. She sets up a sting with the help of Starling’s FBI and infiltrates the man. Can she help the FBI finally put to an end to this notorious killer or will she become his next prisoner?

Now until December 20, 2022 down Fury Ebook for free!

Renegade Love 3D Mock up.png

Wedding Bells are ringing in Starling, Michigan

He’s come for sweet revenge

It's a week before her wedding to Firefighter Steven Rinning; K9 Sergeant Charlotte Rutkowski, learns that the man who left her no choice but to kill him, has a brother. And now that he knows it was her who killed his brother, he also knows it was her who foiled the plans they both had for their militia. Now he wants justice for his brother. And he’s willing to do anything to get it. But Charlotte has other ideas. She will never let it get that far. but in this world, anything is possible. Can she stop another madman, or will he truly put an end to her, this time?

Renegade Love 5X8 print.png

Can past family secrets stop a cold-blooded serial killer?

Starling Police Department K9 Sergeant Charlotte Rinning finds herself in the crosshairs of a wild case.

As the killer turns their sights on her, the stakes have never been higher. Her entire life starts to become public knowledge. But when her sealed medical history is revealed, a past secret comes out and almost destroys her entire world. Now forced on the sidelines, Char wants nothing more than to help the team before someone closer to her is next. Can she help the team, or will her secrets and past make things worse to where there’s no turning back?

Renegade Storm book 2 3dmockpng.png


As the dust settles from nasty untold truths, Charlotte and Steven attempt to put the pieces of their strained love back together.

After learning that her dad, who is a paraplegic, is walking again due to a new “miracle” drug, Charlotte starts to research the makers of this product. She finds that there are many reviews linked to murder under an independent blog. She brings this to the Starling PD Brass. However, they quickly deny her from any further investigation due to lack of proof. But she never gives up and believes her dad may be in danger. Now it’s a race against time to prove this company is a serious threat as it continues its testing on humans with its new “miracle” drug. With danger hitting so close to home, she must prove the drug is harming people and try to stay alive long enough to salvage her marriage and save her dad.

Deep Ties 3d mock paperback.png

NOSIA (National Omega Service Intelligence Agency) Agent, Sam Peterson, is on the verge of finally solving a fifteen-year-old case that’s gone cold. On the eve of a special night for her and her boyfriend, EFHL (Eighth Force Hockey League) Superstar, David Wellington, they arrive home after dinner, and find her home has been vandalized. They discover a new deadly, supernatural substance that comes with a message. ‘I know who you are. I’m coming for you’, directed solely at her. This also leads her to a discovery of a new evil breed of supernatural beings called; Demon-Vamps. Being the best Demon-Vampire hunter there is, Sam now realizes time is short, not just for her, but for the entire universe.


They’ve come for revenge.

She isn’t ready.

After coming so close to death and now exiled from her home realm of Zentara, Demon-Vampire hunter, Samantha Peterson, is up against a wall. Not only to preserve her Axe Championship to keep the universe safe but also to hopefully, maybe, someday return home. However, her current state has left her almost unable to compete. But she must persevere, if she doesn’t, and if she doesn’t win the next Axe Championship, Demon-Vamps could run all over the universe without limitations. The breakup between her and EFHL star, David Wellington has almost killed her. Can she overcome all of this to compete and once again save the universe? Or is she truly done, this time? If she is, the Demon-Vamps will have full reign over the entire universe. Meaning, they could even come out in daylight and have no limitations. And who would be there to stop them?

Reckoning Day 3d mock paperback.png

Investigative Reporter, Jennifer Long, stumbles onto a high-level corruption scheme among a powerful local corporation. They are attempting to find a gateway portal between our world and the supernatural-paranormal and killing Mediums in the process who don’t comply. While she is left for dead and unsure if her family is alive, she seeks the help of a new team, the SPA (supernatural paranormal agency), to expose this deadly truth before it’s too late and the world is run over by supernatural-paranormal forces that could be uncontrollable.

The Demons Pact.png

For thousands of years he waited. The pact had been made, but a betrayal left him buried in hell once again. Now, the demon, Azazel, has come for the one that had been promised to him all those years ago. His revenge will change the world as we know it, unless one woman can stop his plans.


When her next case stirs up some unwanted memories, Investigative Reporter, Jennifer Long learns of a deep, dark truth. She now must face the demons of her past before this truth destroys everything, she holds dear to her heart. As her life hangs in the balance, Jen has a choice to make. Risk her life to bury the truth or go with the demon who has been hunting her, her whole life in order to preserve the balance of the crossing planes.

Remwalkers 3d mock paperback.png

After failing to deliver the last shard of the Remwalkers to the High Vicar of the Solaran Star System, young Sarah Maraj finds herself an outcast. She is sentenced to twenty years hard labor in the legendary, horrid Salt Flats. Total chaos ensues the universe as Ryder Blaze begins his rampage to destroy all those who oppose him. And young Sarah is left alone and scared.

Twenty years later after serving her sentence, Sarah is released. And upon learning of the total devastation cause by Ryder Blaze, she learns of a family secret. Unknowing who to trust with this secret, her good friend, Calon Rhonerson, may just be the only one left who loves her.

It is now up to Sarah to save the Star System. Facing heavy heat from not only her people but others across the system as well, she knows destroying Ryder Blaze may just cost her, her life. But it’s the risk she must take in order to try to right the so many wrongs.

The Elysian Gods paperback.png

Every choice… Has a price

The Gods rule creation When the young god, Zach, goes missing, the Gods use all their resources to find him. But after eight-years of searching, they deem he is dead. However, Karri the Warrior Goddess, refuses this verdict. She goes on a mission to find him and uncovers a deep, deadly, conspiracy looming within the Gods.

When a new Alliance forms and attempts to take over not only their home, but the universe, Karri realizes that she must make a final sacrifice. She sacrifices her freedom and the love she has for not just Zach but the Lord Ruler himself, Seth, in order to save not just the Gods, but the universe. Will her sacrifice restore order or will the new Alliance rule forever? This is a deadly game Karri cannot afford to keep playing.

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