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Artist C.A. Michaels


Artist C.A. Michaels is a talented artist who loves to create vast landscapes, characters, and stories for almost every art she creates. Combining her awesome writing skills with her art, she has told some amazing stories over the past ten years. She has gone through many aliases but now has decided that everything will switch over to C.A. Michaels and Digital Reverence! Join her in her exciting worlds today!​


She has created many of her own intellectual properties with one thing in mind, she wasn't out to please anyone. Her writing style, her character creating is unique to her world. All IPS will be displayed here. And if you're interested in purchasing anyone of them, just drop her an email. Or go to the IP page and send in a form!


Hey all, C.A. Michaels here! So, you want to know a bit about myself? Oki doki, here's the nitty gritty!

C.A. Michaels is a lifelong resident of Michigan and currently lives in Southeastern Michigan with her husband whom she calls Superman and her cat named Skunky Luke Rocket Michaels. The love for art began when I started drawing art at the young age of 6. I've always been into art. I used to have the name Sevenia Studios. But that since failed. I think it's cause I was trying to do to much. Integrated arts and beaded jewelry. So now, I'm just going to focus on all things art and writing here at this new site. I've rebranded myself as Digital Reverence. I think that's a much better name. I was also a writer under the names C.A. Michaels and JJ Carter. So you will see all the art I did for my characters. This way, if anyone comes looking for cool art for their book, they can see the AMAZING stuff I do!

I use a variety of programs and since getting a bachelor's degree in graphic design, I've learned a lot more than the basic stuff to design! So if you hire me, just know you'll be quality, professional artwork and great prices!

I'm always on my laptop listening to Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal and yes even some Country while I create new exciting worlds. I do love to take breaks every now and then to visit friends, hang out, play cards, games, enjoying hot summer nights by a bonfire with a beer, and even do a little Karaoke.


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